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Data Qualification – GST Anupalan
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Data Qualification

Data Qualification

Make your data
99.9% accurate!

Always up-to-date & available for
consumption at the highest quality

  • Consistent data quality

    Data quality is ensured by continuous monitoring

  • Zero decision errors

    Accurate data driven decisions with zero tolerance
    to errors

  • Improved efficiency & turn around

    Automated qualification process with precision outcomes for speed

Gain efficiency in Data qualification with rules
automation & data
processing at scale

Our Data Qualification services ensure your data is always reliable, and your turnarounds for decisionmaking purposes are rapid.

Qualification & Rules Automation

Turn your data into smart trusted assets; utilize configurable meta data rules with automated workflows for Qualification

    • Analytics ready data which is qualified against set of standard data governance rules
    • Dynamic UI with delta capture to easily qualify & manage
    • Integration & Validation against external sources with workflows & rules
    • Validation & Qualification Rules extended as a service that can be applied against any data set

Rules based Computation & derivation

Integrated rule based computation engine to enrich data & generate additional insights during data processing / qualification

    • Computation of additional field information to validate against limits & rules
    • Staging data derived and stored temporarily for validation / verification
    • Computation can be offered as an additional service for any external systems
    • Integrated Document generation with computed values in real – time

Process Automation

Automation of Verification, Validation & Standardization of data to improve reliability & availability of quality data in time

    • RPA based data verification , validation, approvals & rejection
    •  Eliminate majority of the manual work of physical document verification through automated workflows
    •  Curate & Catalogue any data set and make it available as analytic ready datasets
    • Leverages machine learning and improves through usage


Bulk volume processing

Highly Scalable cloud architecture with great processing power

Rules Automation

RPA based workflows & rules automation for unattended execution

Contextual validations

Intelligent validations which run for specific scenarios

Seamless Integrations

Easier integration to multiple source & target systems

Shareable data widgets

Visual interface for delta data capture & data qualification

Robust reports

Reports with drill downs & granular details to identify data defects

Why Us?

  • Better business decisions with access to dashboards

  • More consistent adherence to compliance standards

  • Delivered highest quality data to multiple enterprises

  • Faster project deployment & turn around time

  • Always up-todate data is our responsibility

  • Guaranteed Decrease of data costs

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