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Knowledge Base Implementation – GST Anupalan
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Knowledge Base Implementation

Implementation and ensuring compliance
With GST becoming the order of the day, most businesses have already taken the necessary steps to include it as part of their business activities and some are gradually grasping the nuances. However, the entire process may seem daunting and complex initially. GST compliance entails multifarious processes including electronic filing of monthly state-wise returns, uploading data on transactions, reconciliations, and computation of taxes. With so much implementation and compliance, every business needs a service provider who can ensure that this process is made smooth for them. We, as one of the government accredited service providers, possess the technical and procedural know-how crafted specifically for India’s GST regime. We assist companies with customized compliance solutions that will make the journey from implementation to compliance easier and smoother for them.
Handholding and structured transition
The transition into the GST regime, for any business, needs to be structured in a way that avoids bottlenecks,and consequent delays and losses to the business. We handhold organizations through this process with services such as assessing the impact of GST on their functions, making an implementation plan, creating an operating model, and helping them file returns successfully. Our team ably provides the fiscal, supply chain, and IT modules which will ensure robust implementation of the selected methodology and make it a structured transition for every business choosing to associate with us as their service provider.
Assessment and training
Assessment includes determining the tax liability of a business. This must be done within a specific timeframe such that the tax can be filed at the right time. Although it is possible for a business to calculate and assess liabilities on their own, there may be instances where certain receipts are left out or goods and services are not classified properly. We make this process easier by helping you calculate the correct value and rate of tax and doing a proper assessment on time. Apart from this, if all you want is a general knowledge about the procedure and compliance,we can also train your team in all the required procedures. For any financial training regarding GST, all you need to do is fill the Registration form and mention your need. We would be happy to get back and assist you.